Toril, a name from a long extinct language that roughly translates to “Cradle of Life.” Many a long and enchanting tale has been told within its lands. If we come closer yet we see the continent of Faerûn- long steeped in ancient lore and crawling with countless beasts and diverse peoples- each with their own story to tell. Closer yet we arrive on the contested shores of the Moonshae Isles. A roughly circular archipelago some 400 miles West of Amn and Southwest of the famed Sword Coast. It is here – in the small city Caer Corwell – that a story unwritten waits to be forged. Eight very unlikely souls that have yet to meet, whose strands are woven together on the same tapestry of fate, have a sinister force working against them. Can they band together to overcome a power that has been plotting for eons? Or will they fall with all the realms to follow?*

The Tapestry of Fate

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