The Tapestry of Fate

A New Start... Maybe

WE Final think we got Away from Waterdeep, and Merrick brings us onto a Boat, course… they didnt know we were on Passage on there boat. but Details… we fianly Land in a Strange Town with FULL of things to Barrow from everyone, as im looking at some.. nice.. nice things, Merrick was Propbly getting ready to make some preperations for a show… so i ignored him like normal. but.. suddenly.. something made a loud… Crash Next to us. and i turn to look at what made the Sound, a odd human dressed in a Purple Bathrobe, with Gold writing of a large M on it. he looked Quiet lost, as son as we saw him, people started Screaming and running, i took that Chance to Barrow things that they didnt need.. and we take off pulling this.. Man along. he isnt very Bright. he must have gotten way.. way way to Drunk. ive been like that before. that was a wild night. so we are Tring to make our Way but im Suddenly pulled back as i watch a person.. get Cleanly Cut in half.. my eyes widen in shock as tht would have been me if i had not been Pulled back… im going to kill Merrick, WHY IN THE WORLD DID HE BRING US TO A DEATH TRAP?!…. we keep going and suddenly the human that we were bringing along with us just… JUMPS INTO A FOUNTAIN.. and he cant get up… great.. we have to Baby sit a Man child.. i get ready to Dive in to bring him up, after swiming down alittle to him the Water Shifts Suddenly and it starts draining, he didnt look so well untill then. i get to him and we bring the Rope and as i yell for Merrick to hold it Steady and then we start falling, it was like a Slightly Floating feeling Before i blacked out

i wake up to blackness. i know im awake and i look around i search for my Brother in a Panic, but i kept my cool as we strt findly a few other people who got in this Blackness with us. me and Merrick start looking over the bodies, before we are suddenly Yelled at to not loot these poor Souls. they didnt need them. we could use them. we just Survived something tragic. and we some Scraps. we see a light we all agree to team up to go there. we hurry along, the woman Ahead is singing softly, its pretty. we get into this smal chamber, and this.. large Creature is tossing books and people into a large fire, and it says something.. its odd never heard anything like it. the Man with us who is Clearly out of his mind. walks up to this Creature with eye stalks alllllll over its … head?… body?.. thing?.. i dont know what it was.. i didnt do anything. but Merrick made a good point about Attacking it. so we did our Thing. and merrick Caused it to EXPLODE ALLL OVER EVERYONE

after that Run in stopped.we found some nice things. still havent had a chance to look at this stuff… but anyways.. i look around, ther eis this Drow, in what looks to be in .. a Potatoe Sack.. thing.. a Elf in a nice White dress thing.. not much on her though.. a Obvious Bard.. Demon Thing.. she still sang Pretty like… some.. other Demon looking thing with a eye color Problem… another human who seems to love Nature a bit Much… Stupid Bear.. thing.. Grumble.. so we finaly find our way out of the Tunnel.. thing, we come out onto this Rolling hillside. its night when we come out, the Drow Woman is Freaking out slightly. my brother the man in the purple Robe and the White Dressed Woman. thats good at least, it would be hard to Talk with her if no one new what she was Saying. Charades are fun though… as is the bear for our Act.. need to Recruit the bear.. and.. hope to God it Doesnt lick me Anymore.

we finaly are able to Sleep in Beds for the night in this town. and Get really Good Eating. we end up Finding out way to this.. Lunatic of a Man’s house.. Talking about his Grandpapi. it was kinda Boring.. and not much in his house either.. took alot of paper, poor man.. we head out of town to the thing they call “The Foot” its a foot at least. a Large Map, someone said it look Familier to them.. .didnt to me. but ehh. we look around some and we go to the Tomb of the man that this old man talked about. it was a bit old. and hopfully we find what we need to get back home.



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