The Tapestry of Fate

Fresh Start

Not even a Day

Ah, the smell of fresh air, considering it was getting a touch stifling on the ship. The ability to stretch my legs without having to tumble with the rocking of the waves. It is good to be on solid ground again…or at least so i thought.

It has not even been a full day, i mean really, we just got off the ship and started to explore town, and what happens. I will tell you, it was amazing, i have got to learn that trick, i mean the presentation was dramatic and well presented. The loud popping in the sky, the buildings being split in two, the ground split asunder with such precision. The chaos that ensued, it was perfect. Nobody could see Misha doing what she does best. I felt kinda left out on the grand scheme.

Then to top it off, a person out of thin air, not just anybody but a honest to goodness loon. Where did they find this guy, half naked in such a fancy robe with the letter “M” on it. I was kinda envious. Then, what does he do, but attempt to end his life. That is dedication to a weapon, i mean i have my favorites, but WOW!!

What does Misha do, “here, hold this”….a rope, why do you want me to hold a… she jumps over after the guy. Oh yes, are we not thinking straight here, lets let the weaker of the two hold it. That made sense. So, what do you think happened. My feet came out from underneath me and “ZIP” right over the edge into the well. What could go wrong?

OOOH!! My head, lets not do that again. Cough, Cough, a little dusty down here…down here, in the well, with apparently five other people including my sister and not drowning because there is no water??? Well, perfect time to gather some things from those that dont need them anymore.

What do you mean, put that back? They are dead, dead people dont need their things anymore. People who are alive do. Call me a nasty name eh. Well, here!! You take it and give it back to their relatives miss high and mighty, call me a thief, absurd. At least i can help in dispatching a monster. I dont hear a thank you, waiting, listening, i can see we are the grateful type here. I dont hear her yelling, give that back to the poor monsters family, you know that one that just attempted to kill us.

Well, i digress. Outside again and the loon is still talking to himself. Well, some conversation is better than none, i suppose. Oh wait, here we go again with, even though we just saved your life from the big bad gooey floating eyeballs, you want first dibs on sleeping arrangements. Like any of us couldnt afford a room on our own. Let’s not forget the emotionally detached lady with horns and a tail, at least she can sing when she is not crying. Sheesh, who died? And then another one kicks in, i hope this is not contagious. I like a good cry to, but usually from laughter.

Well, now that we got warm and settled in the area with a fire. Bossy comes back and says put out the fire and lets go into town to get some rest…ugh, hello, what did you think we were going to do in the first place.

So, we get into town, into the bar/tavern and what do we see, food and drink and rooms to sleep in. Hey, wait a minute, she took all the credit. Well fine, you spend all your money and make yourself look good while doing it. Far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth. Nay!! Nay!!

After getting some much needed sleep, what do we do, but head out of town since nobody knows where we are. The stars are wrong? I mean really, the stars dont move, hello. We go out to see, guess what, yup, another loon. I guess it takes one to know one. I sense a pattern here. What does he say to do, go look at a foot. Yes, after leaving there, an actual statue of a foot, and not a small one either. Talk about self admiring, someone had a big ego trip. Oh wait, lets put a map on the side of the foot like some big tattoo.



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