The Tapestry of Fate

Merrick Leaving

*i.. i dont even know where to begin… Why..him?.. Why my Brother?.. what did we ever do to.. have someone .. take him and Kidnap him..and Then Kill him right in Front of me?.. we.. have been together for so long.. our Adpotive Father.. Killed becuase.. of What i Stole.. is.. his Death my Fault too? What did i Do to Deserve this?… ive been good… havent i? ive not done anything Wrong! Alittle bit of Chaos never hurt.. but why Merrick!!

Random Scratching out words

… m.. my brother was the only Person i had Left in this World… we loved Preforming for Everyone.. even if i didnt Steal.. it was just nice.. now.. what do i do with my life.. do. i steal?… do i go on with the Act solo?.. i.. feel lost.. i dont know what i should do…

tear stains*



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