The Tapestry of Fate

The Long Way Around

Looks Good to Me

Standing outside the cave entrance, i take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the view of Cair Corwell. It is a sight to see from a different viewpoint whence i last looked upon it. You are probably wondering how i got here, well, let’s backtrack a little bit.

Earlier, i was standing near a giant foot, wait, let’s go back in time a little futher where our “heroic group” was at the inn. More like confused and wandering aimlessly. While at the inn, i did my best to introduce myself to the other people whom were lost in the rubble of the earth underground.

There is Andra, that would be the bossy one. She over a little time has proven to be useful and irritating, even at the same time.

Demi, the horned emotionally distraught one, that apparently knows some magic. I mean, she did start a fire with her hands, so unless she is a demon or something, i mean, hey, normal right; even got some items figured out.

Leandir, the other awestruck woman, seems to have some intelligence as well. She seems to hide it well until asked, and then it appears to be freely given, but when does that ever happen.

Aiden, Mr. Glow himself, whether it be white or red, lets hope they are white when talking to him, red seems to have a bad omen since death ensues shortly thereafter.

Melissa, otherwise known as Fourthwife, now has a name, hence Melissa. I mean seriously, who wants to be known as the fourth one down the line, did not sound the wives last very long.

And you ask, where is the loon, well, loons do what loons do, up and disappear like they were never there. He was just gone, gone like a cricket that blends in with its surroundings. Oh, and it would appear someone else calls him Moron, but that is later.

Well, we travel to the cave after deciding we need to find a book. No, No, not just any cave, but a cave that is a graveyard. You know, lots of dead bodies and stuff, oh wait, do i hear Andra calling again with her “how dare you steal from the bodies of dead people.” NOPE…well at least once.

I must be a little out of practice, traps, well, at least i know what it feels like to be a pincushion, OW! All because, kobold tracks, we should make sure they are not stealing the loot…stealing the items off the dead bodies.

Now this is something you don’t see everyday, a sliding door, not just any sliding door, but one that leads to different areas after a period of time. Oh ya, i checked for traps too, not a single one, that is odd, although i was a little drowsy.

We found some kobolds and the were slain, well they did attack us first. Demi decides, after the battle is done, lets blow up part of the wall, and carry it around for exercise; did a few rocks get loose in her head and she is attempting to replace them? Well, it became clear why she did it later on when she placed it in the sliding door to see if she could block it. “Are you insane, if it stops, what if you break it and we are stuck in a tomb, perfect, i guess we don’t have to pay for funeral costs. Everyone will just see our dead bodies staring at a pile of shattered rock.”

Either the loon is contagious or Aiden has been in the cave to long. Let us plead with the kobolds to join us to fight the good fight? I am flabergasted, three join our group while we dispatch the others of life and any valuables. Ha Ha, did they just call him a god.

We did find a dead well to do title bearing corpse. Wait for it….No No don’t take anything off the dead high ranking dead guy. We should leave it here for others to pick clean so we can inform family of their demise with a handwritten letter.

After much deliberation and waiting, we finally get to where we want to be, well sorta, since there is a big kobold and dead kobolds barring our way. Again, sigh, i had to assist in killing the big guy with my trusty rapier. You are asking yourself, how could you do that, well, hello, i had help from Aiden. This guy did want to go down easy. I ended up flipping his overly large cape over his head while water poured down from above, an arrow slammed into his face, and Aiden impaling him. Eh, so, it was a group effort kill.

Let us not forget Misha, she is doing what she does best, rip everyone off, deceased included. Kid in a candy store, or sarcophagus, i don’t know how many times i have to tell her, stealth means being stealthy; which brings us to our next predicament, being stuck in a treasure chest that is attempting to eat you is not stealthy. I had to pull you out of that one, but at least it was profitable.

The book, yup, the reason we came here in the first place. Of all the scribbling and doodles on the pages, one things stands out. The item that was taken by the flea infested, boil covered, rotten foul breathed noble that killed our father of five years was perfectly drawn in the book. Of all the treasures i could find, it was Aiden stating he would help exact vengeance upon him.

Apparently some people are claustrophobic, yes i know, big words, okay, Andra was getting antsy about being underground for so long. So, lets look for the way out. This way looks promising, two walls almost all the way closed together with spikes in between, looks like a safe way to go once we figure out how to open it. Misha, Misha, Misha, see a pretty trinket or coin and there goes thought process out the window, or in this case through the glass filled with what appears to be water.

Nope, not water. As i was helping to open the gates with my agile self, the tinkle shatter of glass from above is all i hear, while everyone moves out of the way except me and Demi. So, while floating in the blob of jelly which is quite painful, i manage to drink myself back to health while being dragged out by a pick, what am i, a pinata. Thank you very much Lird’ylene, i am grateful.

Now that the jelly thing was dispatched, we can get back to getting out of here. It takes a little time, but we manage to get the walls of death open. As a show of faith for my sister’s continued antics of “oh, did you want some of this treasure?”, i confirm that the way is “safe” and we should depart while the going is good.

We end up walking out into daylight and a beautiful view of the ravaged city of Cair Corwell. From a different view. Well, would you look at that, we didn’t go back in time, just through a mountain. Or in other words, the long way around.




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