Aiden Tendaren

Paladin with an anger problem


Eran, an Aasimar, is a Cleric of Illmater and father to Aiden
Nizha, a Tiefling, is a Sorceress with a Devil Bloodline and mother to Aiden

Aiden was raised on the Island of Chult, an only child. His parents, who were adventurers, settled down after they discovered Nizha was pregnant. They used some of the money they collected adventuring to purchase a home in Port Nyranzaru. Due to his dual nature, he was prone to fits of anger growing up. He would get in fights all the time growing up, and spent a long time in trouble. He constantly tried to control it, but it only got worse as he got older. At the age of 10, he got into a fight with the son of a nobleman. The kid was insulting his parents, calling them an abomination, he lost control and just started wailing on the other until three city guards dragged him away. When he was 14 years old, an old paladin named Caraden came to his parents and offered Aiden an opportunity to use his powers for good. He told them that he could teach Aiden to control his anger better, and implement it towards something useful. For the next 6 years Aiden was trained to become a Vindicator, a special type of Paladin that uses their anger to empower themselves. During his studies, he learned of the Empyreal Lord Ragathiel and found himself drawn to the angel. He began worshipping him, and discovered that he gained the power to summon flames. He had always grown up hearing stories of the Flaming Fist, who worked as city guards in Chult and Baldur’s Gate and decided that he would try to join them, he set out at once for their main headquarters in Baldur’s Gate. Within the first week, they landed at Velen, a small fishing village in Tethyr. They spent two days there, resupplying and stretching their legs. On the third day they set out again and on the way, there was a massive storm, and then he woke in a temple in the city of Caer Corwell.

Ragathiel Code:

  • Evil actions in my presence are as a gauntlet laid down in challenge. I shall pick up the gauge and stand tall in my defiance of the foul. Those curs who seek to entrap me thus will find that as the one challenged, it is I who select the weapons. They may not be to their liking, but they will be honorable ones.
  • Those that have wronged the innocent will feel my god’s wrath made manifest in me. They will find no succor in shadow, no safety in numbers, and no fortress in power that I will not eventually overcome. I do not hunt foolishly, but nor do I abandon the trail.
  • Duties laid upon me in the cause of the right are not chains, but rather chances to prove my worth, and joys to occupy the heart. Be it with quiet dignity or loud praise, I shall fulfill them.
  • Should I share my heart with another mortal, my love’s honor shall be as my own, below only Ragethiel’s calling. As my spirit belongs only to Ratathiel, so will I share of the flesh only with my love.
  • Should someone cry quarter but be already sentenced to death, I shall inform them of their upcoming execution so they may better prepare themselves when I strike. Should the judgment not yet be final, I will stay my hand until I know whether it is right to cut the thread holding the sword of right over them or to extend my hand and lift them up as an innocent.
  • A good name means much, but it is by actions that I shall truly judge a stranger’s worth. A beggar may rise to help against evil where a king might back into the shadows, in such cases, it is the beggar I call brother.
    Aiden’s Route:

Aiden Tendaren

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