Lird'ylene Barrimtor

Escaped Drow Slave


Somewhat stocky and short, Lird’ylene is heavily muscular for a Drow, and much more sturdily built. Her hair is cut short and her eyes are blood-red. She wears a sackcloth tunic with knee-length breeches, over all of which is secured a leather harness. She runs barefoot. Around her neck is a collar made of a silvery metal that seems to be fastened seamlessly, and around her ankle is a shackle of similar design. A broken length of chain dangles loose from each. Hanging from her harness can be seen two picks of differing sizes, a hand crossbow at her hip, and a light crossbow over her shoulder. Over her shoulder is a simple sack. Her hands are scarred from decades of work, and pale gray tattoos spiderweb across the left side of her body, including her face.


Born a slave of House Barrimtor, Lird’ylene’s life was a meager existence. By day, she worked in a nearby mine run by her owners, and at night she served them at their forges, making weapons and armor both magical and mundane. Most likely she would have lived and died in pitiless toil, or as fodder for a house feud, had chance not changed her course. On a whim, a snide lesser noble of her house ‘rewarded’ her for her work one day with a scroll, knowing that she was illiterate and incapable of magic. Looking upon this simple piece of paper with it’s incomprehensible writing, she found that the curiosity within her that had long been crushed by hopelessness was suddenly reawakened. Having seen it’s like used by her masters, and wondering at its power, she sought to learn its contents for herself. She began by learning how to read; stealing any trifling book she could when others were not looking, sneaking them into the quarters where all slaves were kept. Upon learning to read, she began accumulating magical lore as quickly as she was able, eventually to the point of learning spells, and transcribed the scroll given to her into her spellbook.

It was then that she began planning for her escape. However, before she could fully complete her plans, her hand was forced. She was taken by her masters into the local temple, engraved with religious symbols and markings, and was to be offered as sacrifice to the Goddess, Lolth, by being thrown into a pit of spiders. In a panic, she cast the first spell that came to mind, catching her would-be killers off-guard, and made a run for it. She hid and fled, using her spells to assist her flight, first out of the city and then into the caverns beyond.

Lird'ylene Barrimtor

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