Merrick Miles

Performer extraordinaire, flamboyant, moody


Ladies and gentle persons of this good land, it’s the amazing…no no no, it’s the fabulous, ugh, it’s not the right word. It’s a travesty.

The name is Merrick Miles, yes yes, i am a halfing, whooptie freaking do, don’t touch my belly or my head, its a farce, no good luck here. Or at least not lately, just not in the mood. Dark thoughts and all about the loss of our “father”, well technically, he was not our father, but once we hitched a ride with him for the next 5 years, it might as well have been.

AAARGH, i know i shouldn’t hold a grudge, it’s not “the halfling way”, but he killed him, that low down, pompous fat, balding spittle flicking lurch of a human prostate noble. The only reason i am still alive is my sister, who is just a touch stronger than me and in my state whisked me away from the scene. The docks were our closest way out in our rush to escape. There was a boat leaving for the Moonshaes, it was the quickest way out and it was leaving.

It all started when we were about 15 and saw this man come into our village and perform his show. It was full of sights and sounds and all the fun things that anyone should love. We, me and my sister, Misha Miles, got onto the back of that wagon checking out the fanciful clothing and trinkets. We were having so much fun, we grew tired and fell fast asleep. When we woke up to a swaying wagon, we looked out to see that we were far gone from the village we grew up in, cue the music, “its wanderlust time, yay” He was surprised at first, then seeing we were no harm, but maybe a boon to his act. He taught us his skills and some we already had. We made a grand entrance with our acts and made a little money on the side, thanks sis. We were attacked a few times by wayward bandits. The first time i killed someone, oddly enough, i liked the warm blood seeping over my hands from the blade that was plunged into the attacker. I could see the life fading from his eyes, “well, you shouldn’t have attacked my sister, you fool, now you pay the price.” After the three of us put a few to eternal rest, I felt like we could take on the world…until it collapsed in on us.

Wiping a tear away, "no i am not crying, i am happy to remember the good memories, and absolutely upset that i am so far away from exacting a vengeance i cannot unleash. Ya Ya, i know, not the strongest, but i can whirl a tale or two to keep me and my sister out of to much trouble. Misha is the best; growing up, she was the big baddie of sorts, kick butt and take names, but i would not sit back and be helpless. She is my twin, she complements me or i complement her, either way, it works out.

That noble…noble my horse’s a… “yes, i know i am getting off track again” sigh After “the incident”, we had to flee, to flee for our lives, this cretin thought himself better than everyone and he should flaunt it over his “peasant folk”, when somehow, hell if i know, my sister is better than that, got caught. He, our “father”, rushed in, he loved us both, and he rushed in to save her. “sob” He paid the price to save her, i will never forget that, NEVER. Do you hear me you piece of trash noble, i am coming for you, one day!!!!

Well, we managed to escape, the boat left with us in it. We luckily, thank you Brandobaris, got out with a few of our things. The wagon, it mostly carried memories, but due to our haste, we could do nothing but leave it behind. On the other hand, Misha was able to snag an item off the putrid waste of breath noble. It is a curious thing. Well, as we were attempting to stow away, and well, people don’t like stowaways, we surprised a deckhand. I know, so much for being sneaky. but reacting quickly before he could call out to the guards, we dispatched him with a few quick flicks of our weapons. This was not the man i wanted to pay, but we could ill afford to be caught, chock up another life that you took from the world, noble.

It has only been a few days since we arrived here in city of Caer Corwell. We will start over again, me and my sister, we will bide our time and drink to our beloved father. We will keep a wary eye out for our pursuers, if they come for us.

We are the Magnanimous Miles!!

Merrick Miles

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