The Tapestry of Fate

Lird'ylene's Diary, day 1
Elves and Wizards and stuff

Dear Mother,
A lot of things have happened since I ran away. Miss Melissa said that writing in a diary could help me keep track of things, and that I could read it later to help sort my thoughts. It seems strange to me, writing to a book as though you expect it to write back or something, so I thought I should write to you instead. Maybe if we meet, I can give it to you, to show you how things have been, or something.
Aside from my former companions who chose to go home, I had my first encounter with Elves recently. It was strange, not at all what I was expecting. They drew weapons on us, and I thought for sure they would kill us. But after things settled down, they didn’t care about what I am, at all. It must be because they’re not from Faerun. Maybe they don’t have Drow here? Or maybe the Drow here are nice, somehow. They put us in some kind of tree cage, but I never got a chance to ask how they made it grow that way, since they don’t have magic. They also made all of the animals disappear. They said they were kept safe, but is that something that you should do to animals? It reminds me of back home…
Then later on, we found out that Elthryn had been Elminster all along. I was surprised! He’s really famous and powerful and cool, and he was right next to us all along. He even used my spellbook! The most powerful Wizard in history asked to see my spellbook! I wanted to ask him to sign it, but Misha kept teasing me about it. Maybe I’ll ask him later. I guess I don’t have anyone to show it off to, though (Isn’t that what you do with stuff like that?) but I still want it. I’m kind of worried about his amnesia, though. I guess he could have bumped his head (which would be really embarassing for a man like him), but what if someone did it deliberately? What kind of person or creature would be powerful enough to do that to Elminster, of all people? And what if it was meant to kill him, but messed up? They could come looking for him. If they could do that to him when he’s at full power, there’s no way he could fight them off now. Maybe if that happens, I can help him hide. I’m good at hiding.
Pretty soon we’re supposed to help some wind spirit, so we can get its essence. There’s a lot about this quest that makes me nervous. How could these spirits get this powerful in a world without magic? I don’t think they would let us study them to find out. More importantly are the artifacts we’e empowering. They’re supposed to take us home, but at what cost? These are some powerful reagents we’re being made to gather. Plus, apparently the guy that made them was evil. If a bad guy wanted to get home, they’d be willing to do anything to get back. What if these artifats do something bad, lke damage reality, or distort the fabric of spaceand time, or something equally damaging and reckless? Even if the original guy didn’t care, we could be doing something really bad, and I don’t wanna hurt this place. I like the trees. Even if I can’t touch them. I’m worried about bringing it up though, everyone else is so eager to get back.
My familiar, Mzil, has been talking to me a lot recently. Ever since he started talking to me, he’s been telling me that I should do stuff. Weird stuff, like helping people. I guess it’s a good thing, but I never thought of centipedes as being nice or anything. I’m glad he’s not a spider. They’re mean and ugly and gross. And mean. Ayways, the Elves wanna have a feast for Elthryn Elminster, so I should go. I’ll write again soon.

Lird’ylene, formerly of house Barrimtor

Merrick Leaving

*i.. i dont even know where to begin… Why..him?.. Why my Brother?.. what did we ever do to.. have someone .. take him and Kidnap him..and Then Kill him right in Front of me?.. we.. have been together for so long.. our Adpotive Father.. Killed becuase.. of What i Stole.. is.. his Death my Fault too? What did i Do to Deserve this?… ive been good… havent i? ive not done anything Wrong! Alittle bit of Chaos never hurt.. but why Merrick!!

Random Scratching out words

… m.. my brother was the only Person i had Left in this World… we loved Preforming for Everyone.. even if i didnt Steal.. it was just nice.. now.. what do i do with my life.. do. i steal?… do i go on with the Act solo?.. i.. feel lost.. i dont know what i should do…

tear stains*


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