The Tapestry of Fate

Merrick Leaving

*i.. i dont even know where to begin… Why..him?.. Why my Brother?.. what did we ever do to.. have someone .. take him and Kidnap him..and Then Kill him right in Front of me?.. we.. have been together for so long.. our Adpotive Father.. Killed becuase.. of What i Stole.. is.. his Death my Fault too? What did i Do to Deserve this?… ive been good… havent i? ive not done anything Wrong! Alittle bit of Chaos never hurt.. but why Merrick!!

Random Scratching out words

… m.. my brother was the only Person i had Left in this World… we loved Preforming for Everyone.. even if i didnt Steal.. it was just nice.. now.. what do i do with my life.. do. i steal?… do i go on with the Act solo?.. i.. feel lost.. i dont know what i should do…

tear stains*

Lird'ylene's Diary, day 1
Elves and Wizards and stuff

Dear Mother,
A lot of things have happened since I ran away. Miss Melissa said that writing in a diary could help me keep track of things, and that I could read it later to help sort my thoughts. It seems strange to me, writing to a book as though you expect it to write back or something, so I thought I should write to you instead. Maybe if we meet, I can give it to you, to show you how things have been, or something.
Aside from my former companions who chose to go home, I had my first encounter with Elves recently. It was strange, not at all what I was expecting. They drew weapons on us, and I thought for sure they would kill us. But after things settled down, they didn’t care about what I am, at all. It must be because they’re not from Faerun. Maybe they don’t have Drow here? Or maybe the Drow here are nice, somehow. They put us in some kind of tree cage, but I never got a chance to ask how they made it grow that way, since they don’t have magic. They also made all of the animals disappear. They said they were kept safe, but is that something that you should do to animals? It reminds me of back home…
Then later on, we found out that Elthryn had been Elminster all along. I was surprised! He’s really famous and powerful and cool, and he was right next to us all along. He even used my spellbook! The most powerful Wizard in history asked to see my spellbook! I wanted to ask him to sign it, but Misha kept teasing me about it. Maybe I’ll ask him later. I guess I don’t have anyone to show it off to, though (Isn’t that what you do with stuff like that?) but I still want it. I’m kind of worried about his amnesia, though. I guess he could have bumped his head (which would be really embarassing for a man like him), but what if someone did it deliberately? What kind of person or creature would be powerful enough to do that to Elminster, of all people? And what if it was meant to kill him, but messed up? They could come looking for him. If they could do that to him when he’s at full power, there’s no way he could fight them off now. Maybe if that happens, I can help him hide. I’m good at hiding.
Pretty soon we’re supposed to help some wind spirit, so we can get its essence. There’s a lot about this quest that makes me nervous. How could these spirits get this powerful in a world without magic? I don’t think they would let us study them to find out. More importantly are the artifacts we’e empowering. They’re supposed to take us home, but at what cost? These are some powerful reagents we’re being made to gather. Plus, apparently the guy that made them was evil. If a bad guy wanted to get home, they’d be willing to do anything to get back. What if these artifats do something bad, lke damage reality, or distort the fabric of spaceand time, or something equally damaging and reckless? Even if the original guy didn’t care, we could be doing something really bad, and I don’t wanna hurt this place. I like the trees. Even if I can’t touch them. I’m worried about bringing it up though, everyone else is so eager to get back.
My familiar, Mzil, has been talking to me a lot recently. Ever since he started talking to me, he’s been telling me that I should do stuff. Weird stuff, like helping people. I guess it’s a good thing, but I never thought of centipedes as being nice or anything. I’m glad he’s not a spider. They’re mean and ugly and gross. And mean. Ayways, the Elves wanna have a feast for Elthryn Elminster, so I should go. I’ll write again soon.

Lird’ylene, formerly of house Barrimtor


Back in Mossdale, time to relax and heal our wounds, while some begin anew; not with sword or arrow, but with simple statements.

Well, look who finally decided to make an appearance, the loon himself, i really should call him by his actual name…um, what was it again? Misha is all aglow with the items that were retrieved, cue Lird,ylene, well, at least we know she is good for something. Out of the kindness of our hearts, we, well at least Misha does, feels it would be a good idea to share some of the treasures that were found. Number one, i am the one with diplomacy, so, why didn’t i talk my sister out of doing this? She is my sister, that is why. Number two, you want me to give it to her, the bossy one, really, come on; i so have to bite my tongue on this and be my performing self to hand over…yup, a mithral shirt. Not just any mithral shirt, the one that was in the hurtful blob of goo that fell on me. Let’s just hand it over to her like she deserves it or something. Do you realize how much that is worth, i mean really. We should be set for healing from her. Number three, after saying that she already had armor, a simple refusal would be sufficient, no no, Misha proceeds to insist that she have it. What spell did you cast on her, you heathen.

A smattering of people in the inn of Mossbrook; i was going to perform, but the crowd was to small, and i was suddenly not in the mood. The question was brought up about how we came across the item, dear Misha so excited blurts things out that are supposed to be left unsaid. In my best mannerism, i tell them the story of our fathers death, it is heart wrenching for me, it never gets any easier. Do i hear any heartfelt concern about the predicament, of course not, its all about the triangular box. Here i am pouring out my heart, and i get condescending remarks, not compassion, but it appears to sound like contempt.

We, Misha and I, talk about putting the bear in the act, but we want to entertain, not make the crowd run away in fear. Most everyone has gone up to bed to sleep, i don’t really hear much from the patrons, so i decide it is time to get some rest as well. I sleep well enough, but the heat wave is killing me, its like i am wrapped up in a fur blanket, a heavy fur blanket…a breathing heavy fur blanket??? I open my eyes to see the bear leaning its head on me with a line of drool leaking out of its fanged mouth. Must be time to wake up, Melissa cant seem to find her bear, hey, Petunia is in here, ugh, my outfit is going to need to be cleaned.

Time for a bite to eat, the group surrounding a table, and now the bear is sticking its head under Misha’s chair. Elthren is talking to Aiden, commenting on how injured he is, waves his hands in his direction, and he is tons better than he was a moment ago. What is up with this guy, he can do powerful things and yet, cannot remember.

It is decided we should go to the foot again; at least we can all agree on something. Maybe there is something useful on it to assist us on our way back to sanity. Well, i was close, not on it, but in it; someone was being witty, a space of a foot by a foot by a foot in size. And what is in this space, nothing but a bag with four other boxes that are similar to the one me and my sister have. Dredging up sore wounds are we, it is a daily reminder of how much i want that toad to pay for his impunity. What good is treasure if you don’t have your loved ones around to enjoy them with, at least i have Misha, I don’t know what i would do without her.

Aiden has a necklace with a symbol of a shining star on it, so what, its his…right? And who is this Mystral person. So, it is decided to go talk to the other loon, no, not Elthren, the old guy that said not to go into the crypt in the first place.

Listen here, you trollop. We are not some thing, some little children, we are not some lowly creatures you can just order around on a whim; like you are some master and us, slaves. We are Merrick and Misha Miles. How dare you!!
Oh, and to you Melissa, watch the bear?, it’s a bear, if it wants to go traipse along off somewhere, who am i to stop it, it will darn well go where it pleases. I am not some babysitter of adolescent bears.

I am telling you, we were quiet, and not just a little quiet, the field mouse didn’t even notice us, but who appears out of thin air, Elthrin. I mean i heard him at the last second, but WOW! Well, he ends up talking to the other Loon, and the conversation is going nowhere; what did you expect. The guy must have heart problems or something, all that noise he made when he stepped out to see half of the city in the distance. Well, he mentioned about the papers, and even though there was no writing on it, Misha put them back, secretly of course. The conversation was going nowhere fast, so we decided to go back and wait in our designated area of responsibility. Oh look, no bear.

We climb up a tree, well, she climbs up the tree and then hauls me up to wait and enjoy the sunshine kicking back and relaxing. Come to find out, they forgot about us, did anyone go back to let us know you were done. Nope! We are apparently useful in our own way, but forget us like a leaf on the wind when not needed. They are sitting at the inn, eating, drinking and being merry. And what does she do when we enter, i will tell you. We get called liars, “where were you, why are you not with the bear, you are careless.” We help our group, I have given Fourthwife a name, Melissa, we have shared our treasures, we have fought for the safety of the party, and this buffoon show no appreciation for our deeds. Was the mithral armor not to your liking, or maybe it was to dirty for your highness. I don’t know what magic you cast to get these innocent people to believe your innocence, are you looking to blame someone for your misfortune, oh woe is you.

It is again decided that we should go back to the city, whats left of it, and see what information we can find. We climb us the side of the fallen city to reach level ground to find a city in disarray. One of the first things i hear is eggs are a gold apiece. People are waiting in line for bread. We manage to get an audience with the mayor, or at least someone who is actually attempting to get the city in some form of normalcy. ( What happens next…how many different stories about what is going on.)
The mayor informs us that many have left the city to go out and find some of the basic necessities like food, but there is also looting of ships that are stranded on land that used to be sea. What was there is now marshlands. Here it comes, Mrs. Lip Service ups and speaks for the group like some ordained tavern wench and says “No payment necessary” The truth comes out, Oh my bleeding heart, you lived in a temple, looking out among your subjects expecting obedience, having everything handed to you while you ply your wares of piety. At least the mayor is attempting to fairly distribute goods, whats left of them, to those in need.

We are at the inn, going to get some rest to start fresh in the morning. I see the moral of the people needs a pick me up, these people have next to nothing, so there is no need to take what they don’t have. I perform for them without payment, their gratitude is enough on this day. It seems to pick up their spirits, even if it is momentarily, it still counts for me.

We set out the next day, out of Caer Corwall, through the city, to the port that is not a port anymore, but logs stuck in the mud with a view. A view that should be an ocean, but is foreign terrain now, footprints in the mud that lead out to a whole new world. It is time to explore this new land and establish what threats or boons we may find along the way.

Threat it is, we were heading for an abandoned ship, and out of the sky, a massive piece of flesh falls from the sky. Does nobody have ranged weapons except for me? My sling is not going to do much, so intelligence kicks in. Misha and I race to the ship to see if there is a weapon we can use to save them. A flying whale, who knew, but an undead flying whale, our group fight with what means they have. Of course we save them, firing the cannon right into the midst of this monstrosity, blasting it to…wretch, augh, awful, there goes lunch over the side of the ship. Why do i feel sea sick on a ship not at sea, well, let me gather my thoughts while we see what we can find of use on this ship.

The Long Way Around
Looks Good to Me

Standing outside the cave entrance, i take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the view of Cair Corwell. It is a sight to see from a different viewpoint whence i last looked upon it. You are probably wondering how i got here, well, let’s backtrack a little bit.

Earlier, i was standing near a giant foot, wait, let’s go back in time a little futher where our “heroic group” was at the inn. More like confused and wandering aimlessly. While at the inn, i did my best to introduce myself to the other people whom were lost in the rubble of the earth underground.

There is Andra, that would be the bossy one. She over a little time has proven to be useful and irritating, even at the same time.

Demi, the horned emotionally distraught one, that apparently knows some magic. I mean, she did start a fire with her hands, so unless she is a demon or something, i mean, hey, normal right; even got some items figured out.

Leandir, the other awestruck woman, seems to have some intelligence as well. She seems to hide it well until asked, and then it appears to be freely given, but when does that ever happen.

Aiden, Mr. Glow himself, whether it be white or red, lets hope they are white when talking to him, red seems to have a bad omen since death ensues shortly thereafter.

Melissa, otherwise known as Fourthwife, now has a name, hence Melissa. I mean seriously, who wants to be known as the fourth one down the line, did not sound the wives last very long.

And you ask, where is the loon, well, loons do what loons do, up and disappear like they were never there. He was just gone, gone like a cricket that blends in with its surroundings. Oh, and it would appear someone else calls him Moron, but that is later.

Well, we travel to the cave after deciding we need to find a book. No, No, not just any cave, but a cave that is a graveyard. You know, lots of dead bodies and stuff, oh wait, do i hear Andra calling again with her “how dare you steal from the bodies of dead people.” NOPE…well at least once.

I must be a little out of practice, traps, well, at least i know what it feels like to be a pincushion, OW! All because, kobold tracks, we should make sure they are not stealing the loot…stealing the items off the dead bodies.

Now this is something you don’t see everyday, a sliding door, not just any sliding door, but one that leads to different areas after a period of time. Oh ya, i checked for traps too, not a single one, that is odd, although i was a little drowsy.

We found some kobolds and the were slain, well they did attack us first. Demi decides, after the battle is done, lets blow up part of the wall, and carry it around for exercise; did a few rocks get loose in her head and she is attempting to replace them? Well, it became clear why she did it later on when she placed it in the sliding door to see if she could block it. “Are you insane, if it stops, what if you break it and we are stuck in a tomb, perfect, i guess we don’t have to pay for funeral costs. Everyone will just see our dead bodies staring at a pile of shattered rock.”

Either the loon is contagious or Aiden has been in the cave to long. Let us plead with the kobolds to join us to fight the good fight? I am flabergasted, three join our group while we dispatch the others of life and any valuables. Ha Ha, did they just call him a god.

We did find a dead well to do title bearing corpse. Wait for it….No No don’t take anything off the dead high ranking dead guy. We should leave it here for others to pick clean so we can inform family of their demise with a handwritten letter.

After much deliberation and waiting, we finally get to where we want to be, well sorta, since there is a big kobold and dead kobolds barring our way. Again, sigh, i had to assist in killing the big guy with my trusty rapier. You are asking yourself, how could you do that, well, hello, i had help from Aiden. This guy did want to go down easy. I ended up flipping his overly large cape over his head while water poured down from above, an arrow slammed into his face, and Aiden impaling him. Eh, so, it was a group effort kill.

Let us not forget Misha, she is doing what she does best, rip everyone off, deceased included. Kid in a candy store, or sarcophagus, i don’t know how many times i have to tell her, stealth means being stealthy; which brings us to our next predicament, being stuck in a treasure chest that is attempting to eat you is not stealthy. I had to pull you out of that one, but at least it was profitable.

The book, yup, the reason we came here in the first place. Of all the scribbling and doodles on the pages, one things stands out. The item that was taken by the flea infested, boil covered, rotten foul breathed noble that killed our father of five years was perfectly drawn in the book. Of all the treasures i could find, it was Aiden stating he would help exact vengeance upon him.

Apparently some people are claustrophobic, yes i know, big words, okay, Andra was getting antsy about being underground for so long. So, lets look for the way out. This way looks promising, two walls almost all the way closed together with spikes in between, looks like a safe way to go once we figure out how to open it. Misha, Misha, Misha, see a pretty trinket or coin and there goes thought process out the window, or in this case through the glass filled with what appears to be water.

Nope, not water. As i was helping to open the gates with my agile self, the tinkle shatter of glass from above is all i hear, while everyone moves out of the way except me and Demi. So, while floating in the blob of jelly which is quite painful, i manage to drink myself back to health while being dragged out by a pick, what am i, a pinata. Thank you very much Lird’ylene, i am grateful.

Now that the jelly thing was dispatched, we can get back to getting out of here. It takes a little time, but we manage to get the walls of death open. As a show of faith for my sister’s continued antics of “oh, did you want some of this treasure?”, i confirm that the way is “safe” and we should depart while the going is good.

We end up walking out into daylight and a beautiful view of the ravaged city of Cair Corwell. From a different view. Well, would you look at that, we didn’t go back in time, just through a mountain. Or in other words, the long way around.


Fresh Start
Not even a Day

Ah, the smell of fresh air, considering it was getting a touch stifling on the ship. The ability to stretch my legs without having to tumble with the rocking of the waves. It is good to be on solid ground again…or at least so i thought.

It has not even been a full day, i mean really, we just got off the ship and started to explore town, and what happens. I will tell you, it was amazing, i have got to learn that trick, i mean the presentation was dramatic and well presented. The loud popping in the sky, the buildings being split in two, the ground split asunder with such precision. The chaos that ensued, it was perfect. Nobody could see Misha doing what she does best. I felt kinda left out on the grand scheme.

Then to top it off, a person out of thin air, not just anybody but a honest to goodness loon. Where did they find this guy, half naked in such a fancy robe with the letter “M” on it. I was kinda envious. Then, what does he do, but attempt to end his life. That is dedication to a weapon, i mean i have my favorites, but WOW!!

What does Misha do, “here, hold this”….a rope, why do you want me to hold a… she jumps over after the guy. Oh yes, are we not thinking straight here, lets let the weaker of the two hold it. That made sense. So, what do you think happened. My feet came out from underneath me and “ZIP” right over the edge into the well. What could go wrong?

OOOH!! My head, lets not do that again. Cough, Cough, a little dusty down here…down here, in the well, with apparently five other people including my sister and not drowning because there is no water??? Well, perfect time to gather some things from those that dont need them anymore.

What do you mean, put that back? They are dead, dead people dont need their things anymore. People who are alive do. Call me a nasty name eh. Well, here!! You take it and give it back to their relatives miss high and mighty, call me a thief, absurd. At least i can help in dispatching a monster. I dont hear a thank you, waiting, listening, i can see we are the grateful type here. I dont hear her yelling, give that back to the poor monsters family, you know that one that just attempted to kill us.

Well, i digress. Outside again and the loon is still talking to himself. Well, some conversation is better than none, i suppose. Oh wait, here we go again with, even though we just saved your life from the big bad gooey floating eyeballs, you want first dibs on sleeping arrangements. Like any of us couldnt afford a room on our own. Let’s not forget the emotionally detached lady with horns and a tail, at least she can sing when she is not crying. Sheesh, who died? And then another one kicks in, i hope this is not contagious. I like a good cry to, but usually from laughter.

Well, now that we got warm and settled in the area with a fire. Bossy comes back and says put out the fire and lets go into town to get some rest…ugh, hello, what did you think we were going to do in the first place.

So, we get into town, into the bar/tavern and what do we see, food and drink and rooms to sleep in. Hey, wait a minute, she took all the credit. Well fine, you spend all your money and make yourself look good while doing it. Far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth. Nay!! Nay!!

After getting some much needed sleep, what do we do, but head out of town since nobody knows where we are. The stars are wrong? I mean really, the stars dont move, hello. We go out to see, guess what, yup, another loon. I guess it takes one to know one. I sense a pattern here. What does he say to do, go look at a foot. Yes, after leaving there, an actual statue of a foot, and not a small one either. Talk about self admiring, someone had a big ego trip. Oh wait, lets put a map on the side of the foot like some big tattoo.

A New Start... Maybe

WE Final think we got Away from Waterdeep, and Merrick brings us onto a Boat, course… they didnt know we were on Passage on there boat. but Details… we fianly Land in a Strange Town with FULL of things to Barrow from everyone, as im looking at some.. nice.. nice things, Merrick was Propbly getting ready to make some preperations for a show… so i ignored him like normal. but.. suddenly.. something made a loud… Crash Next to us. and i turn to look at what made the Sound, a odd human dressed in a Purple Bathrobe, with Gold writing of a large M on it. he looked Quiet lost, as son as we saw him, people started Screaming and running, i took that Chance to Barrow things that they didnt need.. and we take off pulling this.. Man along. he isnt very Bright. he must have gotten way.. way way to Drunk. ive been like that before. that was a wild night. so we are Tring to make our Way but im Suddenly pulled back as i watch a person.. get Cleanly Cut in half.. my eyes widen in shock as tht would have been me if i had not been Pulled back… im going to kill Merrick, WHY IN THE WORLD DID HE BRING US TO A DEATH TRAP?!…. we keep going and suddenly the human that we were bringing along with us just… JUMPS INTO A FOUNTAIN.. and he cant get up… great.. we have to Baby sit a Man child.. i get ready to Dive in to bring him up, after swiming down alittle to him the Water Shifts Suddenly and it starts draining, he didnt look so well untill then. i get to him and we bring the Rope and as i yell for Merrick to hold it Steady and then we start falling, it was like a Slightly Floating feeling Before i blacked out

i wake up to blackness. i know im awake and i look around i search for my Brother in a Panic, but i kept my cool as we strt findly a few other people who got in this Blackness with us. me and Merrick start looking over the bodies, before we are suddenly Yelled at to not loot these poor Souls. they didnt need them. we could use them. we just Survived something tragic. and we some Scraps. we see a light we all agree to team up to go there. we hurry along, the woman Ahead is singing softly, its pretty. we get into this smal chamber, and this.. large Creature is tossing books and people into a large fire, and it says something.. its odd never heard anything like it. the Man with us who is Clearly out of his mind. walks up to this Creature with eye stalks alllllll over its … head?… body?.. thing?.. i dont know what it was.. i didnt do anything. but Merrick made a good point about Attacking it. so we did our Thing. and merrick Caused it to EXPLODE ALLL OVER EVERYONE

after that Run in stopped.we found some nice things. still havent had a chance to look at this stuff… but anyways.. i look around, ther eis this Drow, in what looks to be in .. a Potatoe Sack.. thing.. a Elf in a nice White dress thing.. not much on her though.. a Obvious Bard.. Demon Thing.. she still sang Pretty like… some.. other Demon looking thing with a eye color Problem… another human who seems to love Nature a bit Much… Stupid Bear.. thing.. Grumble.. so we finaly find our way out of the Tunnel.. thing, we come out onto this Rolling hillside. its night when we come out, the Drow Woman is Freaking out slightly. my brother the man in the purple Robe and the White Dressed Woman. thats good at least, it would be hard to Talk with her if no one new what she was Saying. Charades are fun though… as is the bear for our Act.. need to Recruit the bear.. and.. hope to God it Doesnt lick me Anymore.

we finaly are able to Sleep in Beds for the night in this town. and Get really Good Eating. we end up Finding out way to this.. Lunatic of a Man’s house.. Talking about his Grandpapi. it was kinda Boring.. and not much in his house either.. took alot of paper, poor man.. we head out of town to the thing they call “The Foot” its a foot at least. a Large Map, someone said it look Familier to them.. .didnt to me. but ehh. we look around some and we go to the Tomb of the man that this old man talked about. it was a bit old. and hopfully we find what we need to get back home.

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